Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) – Educating yourself about your vestibular disorder can help you better manage symptoms and communicate more effectively with family, friends, and health professionals. VEDA produces free publications that are written or reviewed by vestibular disorder professionals spanning a wide range of subjects. These publications can be printed out for personal or individual use.

Pacific Balance & Rehabilitation Clinic (PBRC) currently has a small library of books available for clients of PBRC and members of VBSG to check out and borrow.

Books currently available in PBRC Library:

Balance:  In Search of the Lost Sense by Scott McCredie

Brain & Behavior:  An Introduction to Biological Psychology by Bob Garrett

Brain Tricks:  Coping with Your Defective Brain by David Weiner

Brain Wave Vibration:  Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by Ilchi Lee

Heal Your Headache:  The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain by David Buchholz

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

Intro to Mind, Body, and Brain by Angus Gellatly

The Migraine Brain:  Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health by Carolyn Bernstein

Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Got Out of My Wheelchair by Terry Whals

Visual & Vestibular Consequences of Acquired Brain Injury by Irwin B. Suchoff

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