Balance Awareness Week is Sept 15 – 21, 2014


The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to reduce the time it takes to

diagnose a vestibular disorder. We help patients recognize the symptoms

of a vestibular disorder and urge them to seek help from a professional

specialist. We also encourage family and friends to learn more about vestibular

disorders so they can support their loved ones’ who are suffering from dizziness

and other debilitating symptoms. For more information go to:

VEDA’S GOAL: $60,000

RAISED: $52,082



We will be meeting on Saturday Sept 20th 

12 – 2 pm @ Pacific Balance and Rehabilitation Clinic

Two Topics for September:

First – we want to honor Balance Awareness Week

Let’s all bring our favorite exercise, tip or body awareness cue to share with the group. Also bring a “most-hated” or “most-irritating” exercise and why tell us why you hate it so.

PBRC will let us spread out in their exercise room. We will also show you a few exercises that might help with our balance issues.

Through this, we can talk about balance awareness, and thereby honor Balance Awareness Week.

Second: Lets do a little brainstorming/chatting about what we would like to discuss in the upcoming months. Guest speakers? Also talk about ways to expand/improve/strengthen our VBSG!

As always……feel free to bring something to share as we have lunch together.

Remember……your friends and family members are always welcome!


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