Forecast : Brain Fog With a Chance of Amnesia

Can you relate?

I have a hard time concentrating and paying attention.

I’m easily distracted.

I can’t remember where I put the _______ ! (Too many possible answers)

What did I do yesterday?

Where did I park the car? Which car was I driving?

I can see your mouth moving but I have no clue what you are talking about.

I know you told me three times but can you tell me how to do that again?

What did I come upstairs to get?

My brain hurts!

The list could go on and on! This is the most frustrating part of living with a vestibular condition but it is all a part of “the new normal”. Stressing out about these changes only makes things worse. So what is one to do?


The worst thing one can do is give in and think that there are no ways to improve brain function. Research has shown that there are many ways to help strengthen our brains. It’s like a muscle – use it or lose it!

Meditation is a good starting point. While it may sound simple, meditation has been shown to have powerful and positive effects on brain function. Like anything new, it takes time. It’s easy for the mind to wander. A guided meditation is a great starting point – here is a link to just one of many (

Crossword puzzles, suduko puzzles, logic puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, books (audiobooks are great if the visual side of reading is a challenge), documentaries, music…….once again an endless list. Anything that challenges and stimulates your brain is a good thing!

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of rest. Our challenged brain gets tired easily and resting is crucial. Whether it be a nap or just being in a quiet place – taking a few minutes to step out of all the stimulation gives our brains the opportunity to heal and recharge.


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